Cash For Clunkers

Selling A Used Car?

If you are looking to sell a used car, we recommend that you visit, the most convenient website to sell your car.  Why get less when you can sell it here?  If you are looking to sell your used car, believe it or not, car dealers need used cars for their lots.

If you have a clunker, and need cash fast, we recommend that you call 1-800-789-0320.

Used Car Sales Are Red Hot

Consumers who did not qualify for the Cash for Clunkers program can still find some great deals on the market when you consider current manufacturer rebates and used car pricesCar dealers are back to basics selling cars at discounts and negotiating for the best deals.  Reports from Used Cars Dealers in Los Angeles also report store car sales; Honda used cars lead the way.  In New York, West Herr Auto Group is growing the Buffalo Car sales each month with market pricing tools and great customer service.

Through our new forums, we are providing opportunities for consumers to help consumers get the best deals on new and used cars.  We will be covering stories that can help car buyers find the best car for their needs and budget.  You can also track the latest Automotive News with our posts from local dealers across the country.  You can also research the latest car dealer sales throughout the county on: .

If you are in the market for a new or used car, complete the form on the left and we will request a local car dealer to contact you.  You can also check popular local car dealer directories like Buffalo Car Dealers,  Boston Car DealersPhoenix Car Dealers, Miami Used Cars and Los Angeles Car Dealers.   The message is clear; consumers are looking for choice and you can find choice by shopping online.  You can also find great resources like CarFax to check-up on any used car you want to purchase.

One of the fine dealers in our network of Proctor Honda which is an award winning Tallahassee Honda dealership in Florida.  They are celebrating their 100th year in business and we congratulate the organization for this rare accomplishment.  Tom Harris, from the Harris Automotive Group has also confirmed that Nanaimo Used Car sales have been strong in 2010 and continue into 2011.

Hyundai Cars Represent Value

Hyundai dealers saw a strong demand for their cars during the Cash for Clunkers program.  Since the end of Cash for Clunkers, a number of people on the Internet have commented on the true “value” that Hyundai cars offer in today’s economy.

Andrew DiFeo, Internet Sales Manager at Hyundai of St. Augustine Florida, told us that new and used Hyundai cars sales in Florida have been very strong over the past 18 months.  His conclusion is that Hyundai warranty coupled with Hyundai pricing makes it the perfect car for Florida residents looking to save money on a quality car.

Scott Falcone from World Hyundai Chicago has been exceeding the sale targets created by Hyundai USA in dramatic fashion.  World Hyundai attributes that success to a great product, smart pricing and the customer service that World Hyundai delivers to consumers in Chicago.  In fact, you can visit their website for their current Chicago Hyundai sales event.

From Maine to Maryland, East Coast Hyundai dealers who were active on this website during Cash for Clunkers have told us that the follow through in Hyundai sales has been strong.  Alexandria Hyundai reported outstanding sales during the Cash for Clunkers program.


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